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15th International Symposium on Globe Studies

Berlin, Germany
Organisation: The International Coronelli-Society for the Study of Globes and the Map Department of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
In Berlin, the production of globes only began in the late eighteenth century, but developed into a very successful international production in the nineteenth century. The publishing houses of Dietrich Reimer, Ernst Schotte, Julius Heymann and - for the twentieth century - Columbus are particularly worthy of mention. This lively, but perhaps still somewhat under-researched publishing activity and the reopening of the Staatsbibliothek building Unter den Linden in 2021 are the reason to invite researchers of globe studies and all those interested to Berlin again after 25 years. The conference will take place in the Humboldt Hall of the Staatsbibliothek (Unter den Linden 8).
Two years ago, the Map Department was reunited in this building for the first time since the Second World War. The Map Department sees itself as one of the most active collections of cartographic works in Germany. While hardly any globes were included in the collection until the Second World War, it expanded thereafter to include significant objects (for example, the Sanuto brothers’ globe from the 1570s). Particularly in recent years, the focus of the collection has been on the Berlin production. Currently, the collection comprises about 280 globes produced up to the end of the Second World War. The Schnermann Collection, which comprises over 200 everyday objects of the twentieth century in the form of globes, also has a globe-relevant, if slightly curious, yet cultural-historical significance.
Venue: Humboldt Hall of the Staatsbibliothek (Unter den Linden 8), Berlin
Language: German and English