Brussels International Map Collectors' Circle

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The Bulletin - 18 June 1998 - Page 43

Talk of the town

Map mania

Brussels' new map collectors' club has published its first newsletter, following the group's inaugural meeting in March, which attracted over 30 professional and amateur map fiends of seven nationalities.

This autumn, the group plans to visit Bruges, where the city archives will be showing cartographic works by 16th-century painter Pieter Pourbus, including painted maps representing parts of the ancient County of Flanders and a fragment of a detailed wall-map covering roughly half of present-day West Flanders. Only a part of the original, which took Pourbus nearly a decade to complete, survives. The visit is free, but reservations are essential and must be made before September 20.

The Brussels International Map Collectors' Circle (BIMCC) was inspired by a symposium organised in Budapest last year by London 's International Map Collectors' Society. Founder Wolf Bodenstein, a former Eurocontrol employee, hopes to unite people with a specialist interest in maps, atlases and books with maps, and to organise lectures and visits to exhibitions, libraries and institutes. If you are interested, [...]