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Brussels, Belgium
Organisation: The Brussels Map Circle (BIMCC)
The Ottoman Empire, so important in Europe's history, will no doubt allow us to show splendid cartographic specimen. Don't miss our Europalia contribution this year!

IMPORTANT - The date of the conference is 12 December 2015 and not 5 December 2015 as announced in Maps in History - Newsletter No 51 of January 2015.

Our Conference will take place in the framework of the Europalia festival devoted to Turkey ( In the next issue of 'Maps in History', we will give you an introduction to the cartography of the Ottoman Empire, so important in Europe's history. Don't miss it: it will give you a fore taste of the Conference to come! Draft programme
  1. Morning
  2. General introduction by Prof Dr Günsel Renda Koç University, Istanbul
  3. Piri Reis and Mercator by Jan Parmentier, MAS, Antwerp
  4. Hispanic and Mediterranean sources of the Kitab-i Bahriye by Dr Dejanirah Couto, Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, Paris
  5. Afternoon
  6. Kâtip Çelebi and Cartography in the Ottoman Empire
  7. Humanist culture and diplomatic issues by French Ambassador Choiseul-Gouffier at the Ottoman Court, and the French cartography of the Straits and the Black Sea by Emmanuelle Vagnon, Université Paris 1
  8. Beyond Kiepert: German mapmakers in the Ottoman Empire (1835-1895) by Ségolène Debarre, Université Paris 1
Lunch is being arranged in the Library’s cafeteria, with catering services. Price: about EUR 35.00. Please register as from 1 September 2015.
Venue: Royal Library of Belgium, Boulevard de l’Empereur / Keizerslaan 2, 1000 Brussels | Coordinates 50.843693° N 4.355242° E
Language: English
Entry fee: Admission is free for members, non-members pay EUR 10.00 at entrance.

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