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Antwerp, Belgium
Organisation: Brussels Map Circle
The Brussels Map Circle yearly outing will take the members to this new museum on the bank of River Schelde, to visit the exhibition The World in a Mirror unedr the guidance of curator Jan Parmentier. The exhibition will focus on the evolution of the European worldview as it was presented in maps, manuscripts, prints, visual art, but also objects from the fifteenth until the twentyfirst century.
Registration is now closed due to the fact that the maximum number of visitors has been reached.
See also our flyer.
Venue: MAS | Museum aan de Stroom, Hanzestedenplaats 1, Antwerpen

Brussels, Belgium
Organisation: The Brussels Maps Circle
Johan De Graeve, Brussels Map Circle member, will guide the participants through the exhibition 'Voyages dans ma bibliothèque | Reizen in boeken' [Travel in my library]' held in the Royal Library.
Venue: Royal Library of Belgium, Boulevard de l’Empereur / Keizerslaan 2, 1000 Brussels | Coordinates 50.843693° N 4.355242° E
Language: English
Entry fee: Free entry.

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