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Norwich and London, U.K.
Organisation: the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture
28 June 2016
14.00 - Opening Remarks: Sir Hugh Cortazzi, Akira Hirano and Radu Leca
14.30 - Panel 1: The Conflation of World Views on Japanese Maps. Chair and Discussant: Richard Bowring. Max Moerman: The Actuality of Buddhist Maps of the World in the Early Modern Period. Angelo Cattaneo: Maps of Japan in the Nanban Century. Elke Papelitzky: The 1671 'Map of Myriad Countries'.

29 June 2016
10.00 - Panel 2: Regional and Urban Perspectives. Chair and Discussant: Peter Kornicki. Uesugi Kazuhiro: The Strategy of the Map Makers – Historical Geography of the Kyoto Maps in the Early Modern Era. Radu Leca: Maps of Kyushu on Ceramic Dishes in the Nineteenth Century. Richard Pegg: Mapping Edo in the mid-Nineteenth Century.

29 June 2016
13.30 - Panel 3: The Variety of Images of Japan. Chair and Discussant: Timon Screech. Miyoshi Tadayoshi: The Overseas Adventures of Ryūsen’s Map of Japan. Marcia Yonemoto: One ‘Country’ or Many? Pre-national Nomenclature in Tokugawa Japanese Maps. Jason Hubbard: Crossfertilization: Japanese and Western Interrelationship in the Early Mapping of Japan.
16.00 Concluding Discussion

30 June 2016, 14.00 - Viewing of a selection of Japanese maps, Map Room, British Library.

Prague, Czech Republic
The Historical Geography Research Centre, the Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences, the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague, the Section for Historical Geography and Environmental History of the Czech Geographical Society, and the Local Organizing Committee have the honor of inviting you to join the Central European Conference of Historical Geographers, which will be held in Prague, Czechia from August 31 to September 2, 2016.
The conference is held in the heart of Europe, the historical city Prague and is focused on the latest development and research in the field of historical geography. However, it is open to all historical geographers and scholars from related disciplines, such as history, geography, environmental history, landscape ecology, cultural anthropology, who share an interest in the Central European space.
Venue: Charles University, Faculty of Science, Albertov 6, 128 43, Praha 2
URL: http:\\

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Organisation: The ICA Commission on the History of Cartography together with the ICA Commission on Map Production and Geoinformation Management, the ICA Commission on Use, User, and Usability Issues, and the Institute of Social Sciences 'Ivo Pilar'
The ICA Commission on the History of Cartography together with the ICA Commission on Map Production and Geoinformation Management, the ICA Commission on Use, User, and Usability Issues, and the Institute of Social Sciences 'Ivo Pilar' (Zagreb, Croatia) would like to invite you to attend and/or consider submitting a presentation for their joint International Symposium on 'The Dissemination of Cartographic Knowledge'. This International Symposium will be held in Dubrovnik (Croatia), a medieval port city on the coast of the Adriatic and UNESCO World Heritage Site, on Thursday 13 October and Friday 14 October 2016. The symposium and planned optional technical and social excursions on 15 and 16 October are open to cartographers, geographers, historians, map collectors, academics and everyone with an interest in maps and the diverse aspects of the history of cartography.
The joint organizers invite contributions (papers and posters) on the dissemination of cartographic knowledge and the effectiveness thereof in diverse cartographic cultures and their related user groups around the globe. This includes the technological and conceptual aspects of cartographic production (maps, charts, globes, atlases, educational tools etc.), the usability of these techniques and the resulting products, as well as the conditions of the map trade as a changing network of private enterprises and official institutions, and the role of diverse audiences in the creation, circulation, consumption and ultimate preservation of knowledge.
Although the Symposium will primarily focus on these themes, submissions of high quality on endeavours in other fields of cartographic history will also be considered, as well as contributions on the sharing of cartographic knowledge during earlier centuries (pre 18th century), as they often formed the background for later important developments.

Cartographic and cultural heritages of Dubrovnik, which from the 14th century until 1808 was a regional rival of Venice as the Republic of Ragusa, will be explored by way of optional post-conference excursions.
Venue: Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik

Nicosia, Cyprus
Organisation: University of Cyprus
Τhe aim of the Conference is to explore the historical dimensions and itineraries of knowledge reposited in books and maps, embarking from the sphere of private initiatives in knowledge codification and advancing to issues that regard its public diffusion for the benefit of the academic community, as well as the broader public.
Presentations of significant European and American libraries will highlight the achievements of Library Science, while the challenges and prospects related to different models of Open Libraries, will be investigated during a roundtable discussion, with the participation of international experts and audience members.
The multifaceted nature and function of maps and charts as repositories of knowledge and power will be revealed during three sessions based on unpublished manuscript cartographical materials (both Western and Ottoman) from the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation collection: a luxurious portolan atlas of the Mediterranean, made by G. B. Cavallini in 1635; an anonymous Ottoman portolan chart of the Mediterranean in ink and watercolours, from the 17th-18th century; a map of Cyprus, drawn and annotated by a French traveller after A. Drummond in the 18th century; and one of the twenty-three known surviving manuscripts, with text, of the Kitab-ı Bahriye by Piri Reis.
Thematic sessions:
  • Libraries as Repositories of Knowledge: Present and Future
  • Maps and Charts as Repositories of Knowledge and Expressions of Power
  • Cartography as a Meeting Point of Scientific Discourse and Artistry
  • Experiential Cartography
University of Cyprus, University House Anastasios G. Leventis, Auditorium B108
1 Panepistimiou Avenue, 2109 Aglantzia, Nicosia
Telephone: +30 210 3634944

Miami, U.S.A.
Organisation: HistoryMiami Museum
Once a year, collectors, world renowned map dealers, hobbyists and the curious make Miami their destination for the Miami International Map Fair, organized by the HistoryMiami Museum. In 2017, it will be twenty-four years that the fair has welcomed visitors from around the world. Whether you are a serious collector or not, the Miami Map Fair provides you with a window through which to see how cartography has given form to the worlds which we explore and inhabit. There is a map for every taste and a price for every budget, three fascinating presentations on cartography and a computer generated map presentation from the University of Miami Department of Geography.
2017 Map Fair Panelists and Presenters
  • 20th Century Pictorial Maps Panel with:
    • Elisabeth Burdon: Map Dealer/Moderator,
    • Ronald E. Grim: Curator of Maps, The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library
    • Dr. Stephen Hornsby: Author and Trustee Professor, University of Maine System
    • Dr. James Utley: National speaker, map collector and VP of Medical Affairs at Coventry Health Care
  • Antiquarian Celestial Maps Presentation by: Nick Kanas, MD: Author and Professor Emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco
  • Secret Provenance of Maps Presentation by: Ronald E. Grim: Curator of Maps, The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library
Venue: HistoryMiami Museum, 101 West Flagler Street, Miami FL 33130
Language: English
Contact: Hilda Masip
Telephone: +1 305-375-1618
Time schedule:
Friday 3 February - VIP Full Weekend Registrant Private Access Day
Saturday 4 February, 10.00 to 17.00, open to the public
Sunday 5 February, 12.00 to 17.00, open to the public
Entry fee:
VIP Full Access Weekend Admission with Receptions: USD 85.00 per person
Daily admission: USD 20.00 per person
Catalogue availability: No

Washington D.C., U.S.A.
Organisation: Cartography and Geographic Information Society
The Cartography and Geographic Information Society invites the world of cartography and GIS to come to Washington, DC, 2 to 7 July 2017 for the 28th International Cartographic Conference of the International Cartographic Association. A fantastic conference is planned that will draw upon all the resources of the nation's capital. The National Galleries of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Geographic Society, and the Library of Congress will all play a role in making this a great conference.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Board of Imago Mundi Ltd and the Explokart Research Group of the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam have great pleasure in announcing that the 28th International Conference on the History of Cartography (ICHC) will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 14-19 July 2019.