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Chaque maison a son histoire [Every house has its history]

Arlon, Belgium

Organisation: Agence wallonne du Patrimoine, Archives de l'État à Arlon et Ville d'Arlon

Directly from the book by Laurence Druez, Chaque maison a son histoire [Every house has its history] (Namur, 2016) which is the catalog, this exhibition invites the visitor to discover the different types of sources to trace the evolution of a private real estate, its design, its surroundings, its assignments and its successive occupants.
In partnership with the Archives de l'État [State archives of Belgium] and the City of Arlon, the Musée Gaspar [Gaspar Museum] and the Archives de l'État à Arlon [State archives in Arlon] invite you to discover the richness and diversity of these documents, written or figurative, known and less known, some of which are not at all devoid of aesthetic qualities.
The exhibition is spread over two sites: the Gaspar Museum, which offers a presentation of documents relating to the habitat of Arlon, and the State archives in Arlon who present documents related to the habitat of other regions of the province of Luxembourg. The two parts of this exhibition are complementary.
Venue: Musée Gaspar, Rue des Martyrs 16, Arlon
Language: French
Telephone: Musée Gaspar +32 63 60 06 54, Archives de l'État à Arlon +32 63 22 06 13
Time schedule: Musée Gaspar: Tuesday - Saturday 9.30-12.30 and 13.30 - 17.30, Sunday closed. | Archives de l'État à Arlon: Tuesday - Friday 9.00-16.30 and first Saturday of the month. Sunday closed.
Entry fee: Free access