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Milano, Italy

Organisation: Associazione Roberto Almagià – Associazione Italiana collezionisti di cartografia antica

Il tema portante della mostra e del catalogo relativo è la cartografia ma con uno sguardo generale alle problematiche della rappresentazione dello spazio in età napoleonica, e all’evoluzione della rappresentazione cartografia in quei concitati anni. Per tale motivo saranno esposti, oltre alle principali produzioni italiane di mappe e atlanti che mostrano il continuo mutare dello scenario politico in Italia, anche manuali di disegno topografico, di calligrafia, il famoso Mémorial topographique et militaire rédigé au Dépôt général de la guerre di Parigi 1803, con il quale nasce la moderna cartografia, volumi di geometria descrittiva da quello di Monge del 1799 alle edizione italiane pubblicate prima del 1815. Nel catalogo vi è la dettagliata descrizione dei documenti originali esposti e alcuni saggi, sul Deposto della Guerra di Milano, sulle scuole militari in Italia, e sulle questioni della rappresentazione dello spazio.
Venue: Casa Manzoni

Brussels, Belgium

Organisation: KBR

Explore the fifteenth century in our region through the images, stories and characters from the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy.
Six centuries ago, Brussels belonged to the rich and powerful Dukes of Burgundy. Skilled politicians and cultured patrons, they established a stirring treasure, a unique and fascinating collection of manuscripts: the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy.
These masterpieces, which have survived the ravages of time and of history, have been looked after for you by KBR. The national library of Belgium opened its vaults to share the highlights of this fantastic collection via its new museum: a unique place that offers you the opportunity to share in Europe’s medieval cultural past, and admire beautiful illuminated manuscripts. The sixteenth-century Chapel of Nassau and the various rooms that surround it form the backdrop to the museum.
Venue: Mont des Arts 28, 1000 Brussels
Telephone: +32 2 519 53 11
Time schedule: Monday - Friday 10.00-16.00
Entry fee: EUR 11.00

(online), London, UK

Organisation: Dept of Digital Humanities - King's College London

The series of 15 digital collages explores overseas sites of the former French penal colonies – known collectively as the bagne – and uses digital photography and collage to offer new ‘ways of seeing’ these rich and varied places.
This work comes out of postdoctoral research carried out as part of ‘Postcards from the bagne: tourism in the shadow of France’s overseas penal history’ (@postcards_bagne), a research project led by Dr Sophie Fuggle (@fuggbug) and funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Genth, Belgium

Organisation: Historische Huizen Gent

From Ghent to East India
In 1721, Michael from Ghent sets sail from the port of Ostend on a trade mission to East India. His diary will lead you on a most unexpected expedition.
You will experience the constant fear of privateers and pirates, explore the Cape Verde Islands and brave some severe storms. Along the way, you will discover the wonders of life at sea, before finally arriving at the Indian port of Surat, a melting-pot of cultures, smells, spices and exotic produce.
While listening to the stories of Michael and his ship-mates, you will board a life-sized ship. Unique objects also bring the journey to life, from old nautical maps and model ships to exotic animals and exclusive discoveries from eighteenth century shipwrecks.
Venue: Sint-Pietersplein 9, Ghent
Telephone: +32 9 266 85 00