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Sevilla, Spain

Organisation: Fundación Cajasol

On Thursday 27 June at 12:00, the exhibition Maps. Cartographic heritage in Seville from the fifteenth to the eigtheenth centuries, curated by Guillermo Curbera Costello, professor of Mathematical Analysis at the University of Seville, will open its doors in the Fundación Cajasol.
The exhibition shows a selected collection of maps and books with maps from the period from the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance in the fifteenth century to the Enlightenment in the eighteenth century, from the Archivo de Indias, the Biblioteca Colombina and the University of Seville. It consists of 29 fabulous works, of which seven are incunabula (published until 1500), twelve were published in the sixteenth century and the remaining ten in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Venue: Fundación Cajasol, C/Álvarez Quintero, Sevilla

Lyon, France

Organisation: Archives municipales de Lyon

The city of Lyon is vulnerable to a variety of events, whether sudden or long and undetectable, until they take hold and threaten. Most of these events have left behind only words, which are not enough to help us understand what happened, or how people dealt with it.
This history is sometimes represented on maps or by images that allow us to grasp its scale and particularities. From this point of view, maps came late, accompanying a vision that was increasingly informed by science.
This exhibition looks at the city from the point of view of its vulnerabilities, through documents that are rarely seen and even less shown, while today's cities are full of measures to ensure the utmost security.
Venue: Archives municipales de Lyon, 1 place des archives, 69002 Lyon

Liège, Belgium
Throughout his life, Gustave Ruhl (Verviers, 1856 - Hermalle-sous-Argenteau, 1929) never stopped studying and defending the architectural heritage of our regions. This lawyer, active in the Royal Commission for Monuments and Sites and several learned societies, devoted numerous historical works to the cities of Verviers and Liège.
On his death, he bequeathed a large part of his estate, his library and all his documentation to the University of Liège. The "Vision(s)" exhibition aims to reveal the wealth of this exceptional documentary collection through a selection of items (notes, sketches, plans, engravings, photographs, etc.) relating to the cities of Liège and Verviers. It is also a unique opportunity for the public to discover some of the models and relief plans made by Gustave Ruhl and the holographic version of the City of Liège around 1730, created by Prof. Pierre Hallot (DIVA laboratory).
This exhibition is the fruit of a partnership between the Musée Wittert, the ULiège Library and the DIVA laboratory, three entities of the Pôle muséal et culturel of the Université de Liège.
Venue: Place du 20-Août, 7 4000 Liège
Entry fee: Free

Lyon, France

Organisation: Denis Diderot Library

From the 18th century onwards, and especially during the 19th century, individual mobility underwent considerable development in Europe, characterized by the growing importance of tourism. These travel practices were accompanied by a renewed print production, the work of various actors with complementary objectives. Maps and guidebooks in particular, inseparable instruments of travel and its representation, underwent numerous changes, reflecting the techniques and cultures of their time.
The exhibition combines objects, archival documents, travel reports and commercial publications in a chronological and thematic approach that illustrates the evolution of practices and representations associated with mobility. Several scales are covered, from long continental journeys to short stays in the Lyon region and its surroundings, to tourist trips across France. The documents gathered come mainly from the heritage collections of the Diderot Library in Lyon and from the Michelin company, a major French player in cartographic and tourist publications. Guidebooks from major publishers (Hachette, Michelin, Baedeker) are presented alongside lesser-known works that illustrate a local conception of the areas to be visited.
Exhibition organized at the Denis Diderot Library, as part of the "International Conference on the History of Cartography" (ICHC) 2024.
Venue: Bibliothèque Diderot de Lyon, ENS de Lyon, 5 parvis René Descartes, 69007 Lyon

Lyon, France

Organisation: Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

The cartographic approach has accompanied changes in the teaching of geography, always present, its place has gradually been asserted within the University of Lyon.
Through the cartographic productions and collections of the various geographers who have succeeded one another in the different universities of Lyon, we invite you to follow 150 years of geographical analyses, sometimes local, sometimes distant, developed on the spot.
Venue: Campus de la Manufacture des Tabacs, Bibliothèque de la Manufacture, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Athens, Greece
The General State Archives of Greece organises an exhibition of archival material dedicated on "Athens: the birth of a capital city", to celebrate the 190th anniversary of the transfer of the capital of the Greek state from the city of Nafplio to Athens, by Royal Decree of the 18th-30th September 1834. The exhibition is structured in eight sections and it presents the new city of Athens in terms of its urban planning and layout, through a very rich archival material (maps,lithographs, sketches, scrapbooks, documents, etc.).
Venue: General State Archives of Greece – Central Service