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Paper paths - Maps and images of travel in France and elsewhere, 17th-21st century

Lyon, France

Organisation: Denis Diderot Library

From the 18th century onwards, and especially during the 19th century, individual mobility underwent considerable development in Europe, characterized by the growing importance of tourism. These travel practices were accompanied by a renewed print production, the work of various actors with complementary objectives. Maps and guidebooks in particular, inseparable instruments of travel and its representation, underwent numerous changes, reflecting the techniques and cultures of their time.
The exhibition combines objects, archival documents, travel reports and commercial publications in a chronological and thematic approach that illustrates the evolution of practices and representations associated with mobility. Several scales are covered, from long continental journeys to short stays in the Lyon region and its surroundings, to tourist trips across France. The documents gathered come mainly from the heritage collections of the Diderot Library in Lyon and from the Michelin company, a major French player in cartographic and tourist publications. Guidebooks from major publishers (Hachette, Michelin, Baedeker) are presented alongside lesser-known works that illustrate a local conception of the areas to be visited.
Exhibition organized at the Denis Diderot Library, as part of the "International Conference on the History of Cartography" (ICHC) 2024.
Venue: Bibliothèque Diderot de Lyon, ENS de Lyon, 5 parvis René Descartes, 69007 Lyon