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Wondrous Voyage

Genth, Belgium

Organisation: Historische Huizen Gent

From Ghent to East India
In 1721, Michael de Febure from Ghent sets sail from the port of Ostend on a trade mission to East India. His diary will lead you on a most unexpected expedition.
You will experience the constant fear of privateers and pirates, explore the Cape Verde Islands and brave some severe storms. Along the way, you will discover the wonders of life at sea, before finally arriving at the Indian port of Surat, a melting-pot of cultures, smells, spices and exotic produce.
While listening to the stories of Michael and his ship-mates, you will board a life-sized ship. Unique objects also bring the journey to life, from old nautical maps and model ships to exotic animals and exclusive discoveries from eighteenth century shipwrecks.
Venue: Sint-Pietersplein 9, Ghent
Telephone: +32 9 266 85 00