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e-Perimetron, Vol.11, No. 3 (2016) on-line

The new issue of e-Perimetron, the international web journal on sciences and technologies affined to history of cartography and maps, is now on-line:
I. Vardakosta, S. Kapidakis (Athens / Corfu) Suggestions for Developing Geospatial Collections in Greek Academic Libraries;
E. Chodějovská, J. Pacina, J. Popelka (Prague / Ústí nad Labem) How to Understand the XVII-century-mappers? The I Military Survey of Bohemia Transformed into a Comprehensive Information System;
H. Dupont (Copenhagen) Denmark Seen from Above- A Crowdsourcing Project. Experiences with User Involvement. Experience with New Use of Aerial Photographs;
E. Arioti, G. Bitelli, G. Gatta (Bologna) Geomatic and Archival Sciences Applied to the Gregorian Cadastre of Bologna (Italy) for Analysis and Representation of the XIX Century Urban Arrangement

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