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e-Perimetron, Vol. 12, No. 3 (2017) on-line

  • Z. Cekula (Riga), Place names in the historic cadastral plan of Dinaburg county: localisation of place names in order to complete the place names database of Latvia
  • G. Gatta, G. Bitelli (Bologna), A historical GIS for the comparison of past and present views: Bologna, yesterday and today
  • M. Storms (Leiden), Maps in the crowd: results of a map georeferencing crowdsourcing pilot project
  • K. Yano, M. Yamaji, S. Imamura, M. Kawashima, K. Okukubo, T. Nishiyama (Kyoto), WebGIS-based application for comparing folding screens of Rakuchū rakugai-zu (Scenes in and around Kyoto) with maps
  • M. Gede (Budapest), Automatic reconstruction of old globes by photogrammetry and its accuracy


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