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e-Perimetron, Vol. 15, No. 1 (2020) on-line

  • C. Abshire, D. Gusev, S. Stafeyev, M. Wang Enhanced Mathematical Method for Visualizing Ptolemy’s Arabia, 1-25 [pdf 2592 KB]
  • Ε. Voulgarakis, A. Tsorlini, C. Boutoura Depicting the Greek communities in “Smyrna Zone”, Asia Minor at the beginning of 20th century (1919 – 1922), combining historical maps with textual data, 26-43 [pdf 2300 KB]
  • Α. Koussoulakou, M. Dimitriadou, C. Kontozi, Y. Mitzias Telling of a city’s invisible past through georeferenced historical documents and web map technology, 44-56 [pdf 2997 KB]

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