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ICA Conference in Gent, 2-5 December 2014 - List of contributions

Session 1 - Military Cartography from the 18th-20th century

  • E.-S. Harju, The Sprengtporten Maps from the Southern Savo
  • P. Chias, The Peninsular War 1808-1814: Unpublished French and Spanish Cartography of the Guadarrama Pass and El Escorial
  • K. Henderson, From Peninsular War to Coordinated Cadastre: William Light's mapping of Portugal and Spain during Wellington's campaigns and Adelaide, the Grand Experiment in the Art of Colonisation

Session 2 - Military Cartography from the 18th-20th century (2)

  • R. Ehrenberg, Mapping Mr. Madison's War: American Military Cartography during the War of 1812
  • K. Cook, Partisan Cartography during the Kansas-Missouri Border War, 1854-1861
  • B. Sacks, Whose Islands? The Cartographic Politics of the Falklands, 1764-1982

Session 3 - World War I as a global conflict

  • S. Domingues, P. Salvado & J. Rocha, The Postal Service of the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps (1916-1919): a time step analysis through historical data integration in a GIS environment
  • R. Moore, Over There the Yanks are Mapping: The Practices and Experiences of American Military Cartographers during World War I
  • A. Makrostergiou, Art, propaganda and humor in cartoonish and 'real' maps in the European press during WWI

Session 4 - World War I Cartography – Belgium

  • S. Verplaetse, Systematic analysis of trench maps to understand the Belgian World War One front zone landscape
  • W. Bracke, The image of Belgium in WWI through maps

Session 5 - World War I Cartography – Britain

  • P. Chasseaud, Not just Maps and Chaps: the human side of maps and survey in the First World War
  • J. Radunzel, Position Mapping: The Cartographic Process at the 3rd Battle of Gaza, 1917

Session 6 - World War I Cartography – the Balkan States

  • H. Teunissen, Mapping the Balkan Powder Keg 1871-1914
  • M. Stilinovic, Mapping the unknown mountains
  • M. Altic, The Peace Treaty of Versailles: The Role of Maps in Reshaping the Balkans in the Aftermath of WWI

Session 7 - World War I Cartography – Central Europe

  • J. Espenhorst, Structures of Military Cartography of the 'Mittelmächte': Survey and selected topics of German WWI cartography
  • J. Jeney, Changes of Borders Following the Great War: Military Operations or Peace Negotiations?
  • M. Rickenbacher, Fortification maps – a milestone towards modern Swiss cartography in the Great War

Session 8 - Military Map Collections

  • K. Sierag, Digitisation of the King's Military Collection: the map collection of George III at Windsor Castle
  • R. Mitchell, Contours of conflict: the highs and lows of military mapping at The National Archives of the United Kingdom
  • M. van Egmond, Fortress Europe: the Utrecht experience with georeferencing old siege and fortification plans

Session 9 - The Influence of World War I on Later Cartography

  • P. Nekola, A New Kind of Map for a New Kind of World: 1919, the Peace, and the Rise of Geographical Cartography
  • M. Greulich, Cartographic Zeitgeist, Ideological Revisions in WWI and Post-War Maps
  • J. Akerman, Mapping, Battlefield Tourbooks, and Remembering the Great War

Session 10 - Military Cartography from the 18th-20th century (3)

  • E. Liebenberg, Mapping for Empire: British military mapping in South Africa, 1806-1914
  • J. Nyssen, Aerial photographs of Ethiopia in the 1930s and derived maps
  • C. Board, The German High Command Map series, Great Britain and Ireland at 1:200 000

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