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Just published: Vlaanderen in 100 kaarten

Maps tell stories. More than the geographical information they contain, they tell why, when, for whom, and how they are made. Each map reveals something about the era in which it was created and the worldview of those who lived then.

This book explains how to read maps and opens every time a new world. Flanders in 100 maps traces the evolution of what is today the Flemish Region. The oldest map is hand drawn and more than 600 years old, the latest is virtual and a few years old.

The book focuses on both major historical events as milestones in the history of cartography. Figures such as Abraham Ortelius and Gerardus Mercator are known, but there are many more compatriots who have earned a place in this fascinating story.

Vlaanderen in 100 kaarten, Wouter Bracke et al., Davidsfonds Uitgeverij N.V. ed., hardcover, 320 p., ISBN 9789059086371, EUR 49.99. Published in Dutch only.

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