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Maps in History - Newsletter No 59 issued


  • Exhibitions
    • Aventuriers des mers (Sea adventurers)
  • Looks at Books
    • Finding the North and other secrets of orientation of the travellers of the past
    • Orbis Disciplinae - Tributes to honour of Patrick Gautier Dalché
    • Mapping Asia Minor. German orientalism in the field (1835-1895)
  • History and Cartography
    • The discovery of the earliest known map of Monaco (c.1589)
    • A recently discovered portolan chart. Maybe one of the oldest extant? The Avignon chart.
  • Interview
    • Interview with Martijn Storms
  • Brussels Map Circle news
    • Map Circle Annual General Meeting 2017
    • The Map Afternoon - MAPAF 2017
    • Excursion to The Hague to visit the VOC-exhibition in the National Archives
    • International Conference 9 December 2017
    • Early maps of Indonesia - Programme
  • News and Calendars
    • International news
    • Auction calendar

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