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Newsletter No 21

Titles of articles

International Conferences and Study Sessions

  • 2002 International Conference: Mare Nostrum - Maps of the Mediterranean, Speakers: G. Schilder, A. Ganado, Cyrus Ala'i, M. Pelletier, V. Valerio
  • 2005 International Conference: Into and Out of Africa: Mapping the Dark Continent in the Later 19th Century, Speakers: Caroline Batchelor, Dr Imre Josef Demhardt, Olivier Loiseaux, Francis Herbert, Prof. Maurice Wynants and Peter Daerden, James L. Newman


  • 2004 Brussels, The African Museum
  • 2004 Brussels, The Rare Books Section at the Royal Library

Looks at books

  • Imperial Footprints - Henry Morton Stanley's African Journeys, James L. Newman
  • Journey into Africa - The Life and Death of Keith Johnston, Scottish Cartographer and Explorer (1844-79), James McCarthy

Map of the Season

  • Croquis de l'Afrique Centrale by A. J. Wauters, 1866


  • Le Jeu de France - Pierre Duval's Map Game, Prof. Adrian Seville
  • An extraordinary example of local cartography: the Land Books of Baron von Plotho, Martijn Vandenbroucke
  • Cartographic entries in Stanley's sketch books, Peter Daerden