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Newsletter No 27

Titles of articles

International Conferences and Study Sessions

  • 2006 International Conference: Charting the Seas – Seven centuries of maritime cartography, Speakers: Corradino Astengo, Monique Pelletier, Drago Novak, Günter Schilder, Dirk de Vries, Andrew Cook


  • 2006 Utrecht, Map Room of the University Library in Utrecht

History of Cartography

  • Cosmography and sea charts in the early sixteenth century: Martin Waldseemüller’s case, Monique Pelletier
  • The Portolan charts of Vincentius Demetrius Volcius a Portolan Maker from Dubrovnik (1563-1607), Drago Novak

Looks at books

  • China in European Maps, Compiled and edited by Min-min Chang
  • Five Centuries of Maps and Charts of Croatia – Pet stoljeća geografskih i pomorskih karata Hrvatske, Edited by Drago Novak, Miljenko Lapaine and Dubravka Mlinarić
  • L’Héritage des Compagnies des Indes dans les musées et collections publiques d’Europe (The Heritage of the East India Companies in European Museums and Public Collections), Louis Mézin, Pierre Delleur (ed.)
  • Lorient, la Bretagne et la traite (XVIIe – XIXe siècles) (Lorient, Brittany and the slave trade, 17th – 19th centuries), Brigitte Nicolas (ed.)
  • Sur la Route des Épices – l’Ile Maurice 1598-1810 (Towards the Spice Islands – Mauritius 1598-1810), Denis Piat
  • The Atlas of Atlases, Phillip Allen
  • The Cartography of the East Indian Islands - Insulae Indiae Orientalis, Dr David E. Parry
  • The Van Keulen Cartography — Amsterdam 1680 – 1885 written and compiled by Dirk de Vries, Günter Schilder, Willem Mörzer Bruyns, Peter van Iterson and Irene Jacobs

Map of the Season

  • Portolan of the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, by Vincentius Demetrius Volcius Raguseus, 1592

Pictures at an Exhibition

  • Images de Mons en Hainaut du XVIe au XIXe siècle