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Newsletter No 50

Titles of articles

History of Cartography

  • Early Maps Indian Style
  • Bicentenary of Rizzi Zannoni (1736-1814)
  • Giovanni Antonio Rizzi Zannoni – A Biography

Looks at books

  • The earth. Knowledge, representations, measurement in the middle-ages
  • Enigmas, Geography, Expeditions and Cartography of the Americas
  • The world as seen from Augsburg – Tobias Conrad Lotter (1717-1777)
  • Maps and Representations of the eastern Mediterranean made in 'the West' (from the middle of the 13th to the end of the 15th centuries)]
  • Mapping the First World War: Battlefields of the Great Conflict from Above
  • Antiquarian Map Puzzles

Pictures at an Exhibition

  • Luís Serrão Pimentel (1613-1679)


  • Introduction to the Philippine Map Collectors Society (PHIMCOS)
  • The BIMCC Newsletter story

How I Got Into Cartography

  • Emmanuelle Vagnon