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International Conferences and Study Sessions

  • Globes and Instruments
    International Conference of the Brussels Map Circle

Looks at books

  • Joan Binimelis, Vicenç Mut and the wall maps of Majorca (17th – 18th centuries) ()
  • Universal Cosmography according to both ancient and modern navigators by Guillaume Le Testu ()
  • Treasures from the Map Room - Bodleian Collections ()
  • Giovanni Antonio Rizzi Zannoni ()
  • Philippe Vandermaelen, Mercator of newly-born Belgium. The history of the Établissement géographique de Bruxelles and of its founder ()

Pictures at an Exhibition

  • De glorieuze Nederlanden ()


  • The dissemination of cartographic knowledge - 6th International Symposium on the History of Cartography, Dubrovnik ()
  • The map on the scale of the World - Colloquium in Albi, France - A report ()

History and Cartography

  • Old maps only a few mouse clicks away on ()
  • Studying the production process of the Ferraris Maps (1770s) and its implications for geometric accuracy ()
  • The Villaret map ()
  • Other Villaret maps ()

How I Got Into Cartography

  • How I got into cartography … through a different door! Interview with David Raes ()