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Newsletter No 58

Titles of articles

Looks at books

  • Vincenzo Coronelli - Cosmographer (1650 – 1718) by Marica Milanesi ()
  • Mapping Antarctica A five hundred year record of discovery by Robert Clancy, John Manning and Henk Brolsma ()
  • Las islas del fin del mundo. Representación de las Afortunadas en los mapas del Occidente medieval. by Kevin R. Wittmann ()
  • Cartes d'Orient et d'Occident (Antiquité-XVIe siècle) ()

Pictures at an Exhibition

  • Enlarging the world ()

History and Cartography

  • François Valentijn’s Influential Maps of the Cape of Good Hope ()
  • The Medici Family and cartography in Florence ()
  • Cooperation on digital library of Waldseemüller map ()

How I Got Into Cartography

  • Where are they now? Read the latest from Soetkin Vervust, Tom Harper and Emmanuelle Vagnon ()