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Newsletter No 62

Titles of articles


  • Brussels Map Circle’s Excursion in Luxembourg ()

Looks at books

  • Aus allen Weltteilen Ägypten mit Sudan und Libyen by Imre Josef Demhardte Sudan and Libya ()
  • The Island of Malta and the Order of St John by Grigory Krayevsky ()
  • Une Carrière de géographe au siècle des Lumières | Jean-Baptiste d’Anville edited by Lucile Haguet and Catherine Hofmann ()


  • Record sale of a Blaeu atlas in Brussels ()
  • News from Switzerland - Cartographica Helvetica ()
  • Brussels Map Circle 20th Anniversary Programme

History and Cartography

  • The maps in the early editions of Guicciardini's Descrittione di tutti i paesi bassi ()

How I Got Into Cartography

  • Interview with Chet Van Duzer ()