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Newsletter No 66

Titles of articles

International Conferences and Study Sessions

  • Conference - Mapping Africa ()

Looks at books

  • Why North is Up: Map Conventions and Where They Came From by Mick Ashworth ()
  • La géographie de la Renaissance by Numa Broc ()
  • Atlas militaires manuscrits (XVIIe - XVIIIe siècles by Émilie d’Orgeix and Isabelle Warmoes ()

Pictures at an Exhibition

  • Missionary cartography in the 19th century ()
  • Exhibitions on the Magellan-Elcano expedition ()


  • Symposium on Globes in Zurich
  • The Malta Map Society celebrates its 10th anniversary in style
  • In memoriam: Dr Kazimierz Kozica (1965 – 2019) ()

History and Cartography

  • The AfricaMuseum’s largest maps of the Congo ()
  • Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille: Pioneer of scientific cartography in Southern Africa ()

How I Got Into Cartography

  • Interview with Sabrina Guerra