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Titles of articles

Looks at books

  • Sailing across the World’s Oceans - History & Catalogue of Dutch Charts Printed on Vellum by Günther Schilder and Hans Kok ()
  • Cartography and Empire: The Padrón Real and the Depiction of the New World by José Maria García Redondo ()

Pictures at an Exhibition

  • Naples the Noble City and its Kingdom: Geographic Maps, Plans and Views During the Renaissance ()

History and Cartography

  • Berghaus’ Map of Syria of 1835, a new step in cartography ()
  • Soap atlases of the world (ca 1914 - 1919) ‘Cleanliness is not next to Godliness now-a-days, but next to impossible. Therefore, use soap.’ ()
  • The Carte di Castello and their significance for cartography ()
  • An Unrecorded Atlas of Battista Agnese identified in a Polish Library ()
  • A 17th-century cartographic curio? ()