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Isles of Gold Revisited: New Approaches to the Study of Early Modern Maps

Norwich and London, U.K.
Organisation: the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture
28 June 2016
14.00 - Opening Remarks: Sir Hugh Cortazzi, Akira Hirano and Radu Leca
14.30 - Panel 1: The Conflation of World Views on Japanese Maps. Chair and Discussant: Richard Bowring. Max Moerman: The Actuality of Buddhist Maps of the World in the Early Modern Period. Angelo Cattaneo: Maps of Japan in the Nanban Century. Elke Papelitzky: The 1671 'Map of Myriad Countries'.

29 June 2016
10.00 - Panel 2: Regional and Urban Perspectives. Chair and Discussant: Peter Kornicki. Uesugi Kazuhiro: The Strategy of the Map Makers – Historical Geography of the Kyoto Maps in the Early Modern Era. Radu Leca: Maps of Kyushu on Ceramic Dishes in the Nineteenth Century. Richard Pegg: Mapping Edo in the mid-Nineteenth Century.

29 June 2016
13.30 - Panel 3: The Variety of Images of Japan. Chair and Discussant: Timon Screech. Miyoshi Tadayoshi: The Overseas Adventures of Ryūsen’s Map of Japan. Marcia Yonemoto: One ‘Country’ or Many? Pre-national Nomenclature in Tokugawa Japanese Maps. Jason Hubbard: Crossfertilization: Japanese and Western Interrelationship in the Early Mapping of Japan.
16.00 Concluding Discussion

30 June 2016, 14.00 - Viewing of a selection of Japanese maps, Map Room, British Library.