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Keeping our Bearings: Maps, Navigation, Shipwrecks, and the Unknown

New Bedford, U.S.A.
Organisation: New Bedford Whaling Museum
The first cartography conference held at the New Bedford Whaling Museum examines our connection to man’s relationship to the sea over time, from medieval conceptions of the oceans as dark and monstrous places to 21st century high tech modern underwater mapping used to search for shipwrecked whaleships in the Arctic. Learn how a great clock changed the world and how Marshall Islanders used stick charts that rely on swells and currents to find their way. How and why mankind learned to find solutions to navigate the oceans across different cultures and over time informs our understanding of the cultural,spiritual, physical, and intellectual challenges of marine navigation. Join us for a series of fascinating talks by experts in cartography, navigation, and exploration to better understand the oceans around us and how we continue to strive to find our bearings.
Venue: New Bedford Whaling Museum, 18 Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford, MA 02740
Language: English
Telephone: +1 (508) 997-0046 ext. 100
Entry fee: USD 75.00, USD 65.00, USD 25.00