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Mapping Asia: Cartography and the Construction of Territoriality

Erfurt, Germany
Organisation: Centre for Transcultural Studies and the Gotha Perthes Collection, Erfurt University
This conference will explore cartography and the construction and contestation of territoriality in Asia from the late eighteenth to the twentieth century. In particular we seek to answer the question of how ideas of territoriality were cartographically produced, circulated and interpreted within Asia and between Europe and Asia.
The conference is part of the project Cartographies of Africa and Asia (1800–1945). A Project for the Digitization of Maps of the Perthes Collection Gotha (KarAfAs). KarAfAs is a co-authored endeavour of the Centre for Transcultural Studies at Gotha and the Perthes Collection of the Gotha Research Library, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. By digitising the maps of the Perthes collection in Gotha, we intend to inspire future projects which see questions of territoriality and spatiality in a fresh light, utilising the source material held at the Perthes Collection. Participants will be invited to a tour of the highlights of the collection’s cartographic material on Asia.
Venue: Centre for Transcultural Studies, Gotha Research Campus, Erfurt University, Germany
Language: English