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Maps and Society Lecture Series, 2023 - 2024

London, UK
These lectures focus on the history of maps and mapping worldwide, from earliest times to the twentieth century, with an emphasis on the social and cultural factors of the maps’ context, production, and use.
  • 16 November 2023 - Isabella Alexander (Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney) - Maps, Makers, and Markets in the Early 19th Century: A View from the Legal Archive
  • 7 December 2023 - Tom Simpson (Department of History, University of Warwick) - Maps that Made Climate Change, c.1800 to the Present Day
  • 25 January 2024 - Felix de Montety (Université Grenoble Alpes, France) - The Birth of the Isogloss: Remarks on the Problem of Language Borders in the History of Cartography
  • 22 February 2024 - Matthew Day (College of Arts, Humanities and Education, University of Derby) - For the Benefit of the Nation? Richard Hakluyt's Principall Navigations (1589, 1598–1600) and Its Readers. Hakluyt Society Speaker
  • 21 March 2024 - Catherine Gibson (Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, University of Tartu, Estonia) - Mapmakers in Action: Drawing Borders in the Baltic, 1918–20
  • 25 April 2024 - Yvonne Lewis (Assistant National Curator (Libraries), The National Trust) - Marking the miles: some annotated maps in National Trust collections
Venue: Senate House, University of London
Language: English
Time schedule: 17.00 (London time)