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New Research on Urbano Monte’s 1587 World Map

Stanford, USA
Organisation: David Rumsey Map Center
Talk with Chet Van Duzer.
Chet Van Duzer is an independent American historian of cartography specializing in medieval and Renaissance maps -- mappaemundi, nautical charts, and the maps in Ptolemy's Geography -- with an emphasis on determining the sources cartographers used for the texts, images, and geographical features on maps. He is also a board member of the Lazarus Project that focuses on multispectral imaging of cultural heritage objects. In 2018, he completed a three-month research fellowship at the David Rumsey Map Center and the John Carter Brown Library focused on the Urbano Monte planisphere. The fellowship was made possible by a donation from David and Abby Rumsey.
The talk will cover the context for Urbano Monte's interest in cartography generally, Japan specifically, and examine possible sources of Monte's place names in Japan.
Venue: Green Library 557 Escondido Mall Stanford, CA 94305-6064
Time schedule: 15.00 - 16.00
Entry fee: The talk is free but requires advance registration.