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Time Machine Conference 2021

(online) Online via Zoom, Austria
This year´s Time Machine Conference 2021 invites the interested public to learn about the current key activities of the Time Machine initiative as represented by the Time Machine Organisation. Latest overall as well as country-specific progress updates will be shared, international large-scale project engagements of the Time Machine Organisation illuminated and possible project funding frameworks available for the Time Machine community presented. Last but not least, the buzzing essence of the Time Machine initiative – the Local Time Machines – will offer insight into their ongoing work and share their experiences and knowledge with the audience.
The Time Machine Conference 2021 will kick off on Monday, 22 November, with an introduction by our president Frédéric Kaplan offering an update on the Time Machine initiative embedded in the Time Machine Organisation. Our Time Machine Ambassadors will then continue by sharing information on how Time Machine and the Time Machine Organisation are currently developing in their respective countries.
The second part of the first conference day is dedicated to a more detailed look into international activities the Time Machine initiative represented by the Time Machine Organisation is involved in. Four topics are split into two parallel sessions: One session with a focus on Time Machine´s connection to large-scale funded international projects, the other session with a focus on the Time Machine Organisation Project Scouting Service and current project involvements.
Day two of the conference is devoted to exploring our Local Time Machines and Local Time Machine projects. Our Local Time Machines team will present the latest updates of the Local Time Machine community and Time Machine as a learning community implemented by the Time Machine Academies. Furthermore, news on recent technological developments such as Time Machine tools and the Request for Comments will be discussed.
The second day will be rounded off by parallel presentations of some selected Local Time Machines reflecting on topics relevant to their activities.
There will be ample time for Q&As after each presentation throughout the conference. The entire event will be recorded and made available publicly afterward.
Entry fee: Free. Registration is kindly required.