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Viewing Topography Across the Globe Series | Workshop II: Indigeneity

online, USA
Organisation: Cynthia Roman, The Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University and Holly Shaffer, Brown University
Topography, from topos, is the practice of describing place through language, the features of the land, the inhabitants, and the accumulation of history. Specific to locality and the perspective of the person delineating, describing, or collecting materials, topography counters the worldliness of geography while also offering a potential tool to multiply singular approaches.
In this second workshop in the series Viewing Topography Across the Globe, we will consider approaches to place from Indigenous and European perspectives and interrogate the frame of topography in global contexts. In two half-day virtual sessions, we will focus on topographical practices in the Americas as well as South and South-East Asia and the Pacific Ocean as well as how the materials of art-making both locate and disrupt notions of place. We will hear from artists and academics, work with colonial-era paintings, Indigenous objects, mapping, and literature, and consider Indigenous pedagogy.
Time schedule: 10.00 - 13.00 Eastern Time (US and Canada)