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Maps of Malta Taking Shape

A spectacular video-clip has been produced by the Malta Map Society to show how the early representations of the Maltese archipelago changed and morphed over the ages. The earliest maps were rather rudimentary almost bearing no relation to the real shape of the island of Malta. Early maps of Malta were round-shaped notwithstanding the publication in 1551 of the near-perfect fish-shaped map of Malta by Antonio Lafreri. The Grand Harbour and Marsamxetto Harbour were usually drawn proportionately larger to give them the importance that they deserved as havens for ships and sailors.

The idea of preparing a video-clip titled Maps of Malta taking shape came after the publication in 2016 of the 'The Pre-Siege Maps of Malta: Second Century AD-1564' authored by Albert Ganado and Joseph Schirò.

The Malta Map Society, which has been awarded patronage by H.E. the President of Malta in 2019 on its 10 th anniversary, would like to thank the Farsons Foundation for its sponsorship, Joseph Schirò for the concept, and Sam Hayman for its production. Amusement and education were the rationale behind the production of this video-clip.