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Congratulations Francis!

Our friend Francis Herbert turned 75 this past 25 July. He participated in the inaugural meeting of the then BIMCC (31 March 1998) when he was still Curator of Maps at the Royal Geographical Society and he has been a regular Speaker and participant in our many events since then, including the recent excursion to Rome last April.
He has engaged himself 100% as a member of the editorial committee of this magazine since last year and is a solid supporter of our Circle. As you know, he is a living carto-bibliographical encyclopedia, a unique species in the map world. And he is relentlessly helping everybody around the world who comes up with an interesting question to fill their knowledge gaps, large and small. He received the IMCoS Helen Wallis Award in 1995, quoted as 'probably the most helpful map librarian in the world'. By that time he had compiled the Imago Mundi bibliography for 20 years – an immense piece of work, if you have ever gone into it.

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