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Cook 2020

Dear Friends,
I had previously contacted you with a grandiose idea of celebrating the 250th anniversary of Cook’s discovery of the east coast of Australia, in Sydney, with a Historic Cartography meeting in Sydney that would attract attention across the spectrum of bodies representing interest in the discipline. The key person is Maggie Patton of the State Library, and she has been on long service leave. Her support of course was essential. She has agreed to be the primary sponsor, and has booked the Libraries facilities for September 7-9. It is probable that we will have a post conference trip to Canberra with a visit to the NLA, and its wonderful collection.I know that you need dates for planning. I do hope you see this as an unusual opportunity, and can now decide exactly the level of interest your organisations may have in being part of this.
This is a major occasion in Australia, and there will be much to do. September is a good time to be in Sydney, and of course the State Library is the collection of Pacific material. The major exhibition related to Cook is being held over at the Library for the meeting. I would encourage you to communicate with Maggie, but i am happy to help in any way I can.
With best wishes,
Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy AM FRS(N), (e):, (m): 0402 130 445
4 April 2017

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