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e-Perimetron, Vol. 12, No. 2 (2017) on-line

T. Čelkis, V. Karpova-Čelkienė (Vilnius) Reading signs: manuscript cartography sources of the 16th-19th century from the Vilnius University Library
G. Mihalakopoulos (Corfu) Alexandros Massavetas's 'Going back to Constantinople-Istanbul: A City of Absences': mapping the past and the present through literature
Ch. J. J. Thiry (Golden CO) GIS-based discovery interface to paper map sets
K. Kozica (Warsaw) Different states of the sea chart of the Gulf of Riga by Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer (1534-1606) from his first sea atlas Spiegel der Zeevaert (1583 / 1585) in the Niewodniczański Collection Imago Poloniae at the Royal Castle in Warsaw
N. B. Piekielek (State College, PA) Best practices for georeferencing large scale historical fire insurance maps of the USA

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