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e-Perimetron, Vol. 14, No. 2 (2019) on-line

  • C. Fleet, An open-source web-mapping toolkit for libraries, 59-76
  • Y. Z. Tzifopoulos, E. Livieratos, Mapping Cartouches in Rigas' Charta and Gazis' Pinax: The Elaborately Symbolic Narrative of a Map, 77-84
  • S. R. Svenningsen, M. L. Perner, Using GIS and historical digitized aerial imagery and maps to analyze information on Cold War Soviet military maps of Denmark, 85-96
  • C. Porter, K. Lilley, C. Lloyd, S. McDermott, R. Milligan, Cartographic connections – the digital analysis and curation of sixteenth-century maps of Great Britain and Ireland, 97-109

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