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Maps in History - Newsletter No 58 issued


  • Exhibitions
    • Enlarging the World
  • Looks at Books
    • Vincenzo Coronelli - Cosmographer (1650-1718)
    • Mapping Antartica - A five hundred year record of discovery
    • The islands of the end of the world. Depiction of the Fortunate Isles on the maps of the medieval West
    • The Making of the Indian Ocean. Maps from East and West (Antiquity - 16th century)
  • History and Cartography
    • François Valentijn’s Influential Maps of the Cape of Good Hope
    • The Medici Family and cartography in Florence
    • Cooperation on digital library of Waldseemüller map
  • Interview
    • Where are they now?
  • Map Circle news
    • Map Circle Annual Activity report
    • International Conference 9 December 2017
    • Early maps of Indonesia-Draft programme
  • News and Calendars
    • International news
    • Events calendar
    • Exhibition calendar
    • Auction calendar

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