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Maps in History - Newsletter No 64 issued


  • Exhibitions
    • Pictura Loquens
  • Looks at Books
    • The language of geographers Terms, signs, colours of old maps (1500-1800)
    • Franz Ritter von Hauslab, the scholarly officer
    • History and cartobibliography of the Duchy [of] Brabant until 1795
    • The Da Vinci Globe
  • History and Cartography
    • Chronograms in cartography, an excursion into dates
    • A Scottish source for a Dutch sea chart
  • How I got into Cartography
    • Interview with Angeliki Tsorlini
  • Enquiry
    • The National Archives of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • News
    • Bears with measuring chains!
    • The Map Room at the Royal Library of Belgium has a new reading room
  • Brussels Map Circle news
    • AGM - Annual General Meeting
    • The Map Afternoon
    • Programme for 2019
  • International news
    • News from Austria
    • Auction calendar

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