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The Portolan, issue 104 (Spring 2019) issued

  • Jacopo de' Barbari and the Limits of Knowledge, by Rheagan Eric Martin, Winning Article Ristow Prize 2018
  • The Lost Early Maps of Georgetown, by Chas Langelan
  • Brands and Nineteenth Century Antique Miniature Atlases, by Roger Stewart
  • Louis Max Nell – Colorado MapMaker, by Wesley Brown
  • ICHC28 – Amsterdam Update, by Bert Johnson
  • Recent publications - This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography, is compiled by Leah M. Thomas.
  • Book reviews
    • A History of America in 100 Maps (Reviewer: JC McElveen)
    • Christianity Beyond Christendom: The Global Christian Experience on Medieval Mappaemundi and Early Modern World Maps (Reviewer: Marguerite Ragnow)
    • The Da Vinci Globe (Reviewer: Bob Karrow)
    • Map Men: Transnational Lives and Deaths of Geographers in the Making of East Central Europe (Reviewer: Wes Reisser)
  • Shorter items

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