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Thirty maps that tell the story of cartography

As the 38th European Heritage Days are held on 18 and 19 September 2021, IGN France website presents some of the most emblematic jewels in the world history of cartography.
From the first representations on clay tablets to the digital age, IGN offers a look at thirty centuries of maps and appreciate the legacy of genius cartographers who, at the crossroads of the arts, sciences and spirituality, drew maps that reflected their perception of the world. (free version)
The cartographic representations developed by civilisations evolve with their own techniques and aesthetic sense. The thirty examples that illustrate this historical journey seem to be characteristic of particularly remarkable cultures with an undeniable influence in the spiritual, artistic and technical development of humanity. It is also an invitation to discover other maps, treasures that are both art and science, such as those of the IGN France presented at the end of this panorama.
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