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Newsletter No 13

Titles of articles

International Conferences and Study Sessions

  • 2002 Fourth Study Session: Cartography with a purpose - Maps for strategies in times of war and peace, Speakers: M. Van den Broecke, J. De Graeve, U. Schnall, H. Kok, M. Watelet, F. and J. Depuydt, F. Herbert, K. Batten

Looks at books

  • Alla Scoperta del Mondo - L'arte della cartografia da Tolomeo a Mercatore, M. Bini
  • Maps of Medieval Thought - The Hereford Paradigm, N. R. Kline
  • Napoli dal Cielo, V. Valerio
  • Pocket atlases of 16th to 18th century, P. Pagliani, M. Bonomelli
  • The Hereford Map - A transcription and translation of legends with commentary, S. D. Westrem


  • Fascinating 3 D maps of the 17th century, Jean-Louis Renteux